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When the brand was about to launch their new water eCommerce site, they asked us if we could come out with an original idea to promote it and reach their audience in a creative and engaging way. After a thorough brainstorming and many, many, maaany discarded proposals, we found a golden nugget. Since the aim of the site was to allow people to buy their water online and have it delivered, comfortably, at home, we asked ourselves. What is the worst part of having to carry your water bottles to your home? What opportunities are we missing by doing so? What could happen if we just stopped carrying water bottles up and down our cities? 

As a result we ended up telling a series of everyday stories we all face from time to time through a series of animated Instagram stories, with some room for hyperbole and unharming humour. The stories were designed as narrative modules that could be assembled in different ways depending on the reach and target of the campaign during its different momentums and reactive actions.