European Parliament


Product Design





The News Hub is one of the main media sites that the European Parliament uses to aggregate and monitorize all the social media traffic coming from its MEPs, Political Parties, Offices, Commitees and Services. It is used by journalists, analysts and advisors all over the world. The aim was to envision a completely new concept for the site, taking the core audience and heavy users experience to the next level and bringing the tools to work seamlessly across devices. A project created from the ground up, with great ambition and a special dedication to information transparency and accountability that endured across borders and cultures.


European Parliament News Hub timeline UI interface

When time is key

One of the core features that soon became a game changer was the addition of a global timeline tool. The users could configure it to visualise the current trends and select defined periods to monitor what topics where discussed when and by whom. A tool for the democratisation of social media monitoring, that is now a reality for millions of Europeans who can now track the state of social media campaigns and targeted political messaging.

Diplomatically mobile

With a strictly mobile-first approach the features and the interface work seamlessly as if it was a native environment. This, coupled with an enormous emphasis on clean, minimalist design and a great focus on accessibility and ease of use creates the perfect environment for a powerful tool that is used by thousands every day.

Going Dark

A fully fledged palette based on a strictly selected color theming maximised for contrast and confort in low-light reading environments. Dark mode is a must in the digital communications and that should be the only dark we’d have.

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