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Meet Maximo!

The multi-skilled, high-performing, creative-minded, ultra-methodic, fast-paced creative you’ve always wanted in your team. 

Get ready for a boost in your Digital workflows, say goodbye to your old production problems, praise for your new and perfected creative process and state-of-the art design pipeline. 

It’s so good you’ll never want to let him go!

Skills that give thrills

As an all-rounded professional that combines the most advanced know-how in various disciplines you can always count on the best of the best outcome possible. Let him supervise your specialist teams and enjoy the smoothness of the cooperation, ask him for advice in the rollout of your next digital campaign, get some new ideas on your next preloading animation, visualise last months traffic in a stunning animated presentation, you name it!

Graphic Design
UI Design
Art Direction
Print Production
Motion Graphics
UX Design
Project Managment

Top traits

Every tool has it’s advantages, and in this case you will get plenty! Behold and get ready to be astonished by the unleashed power of a creative mind on full throttle. All the perks you and your HR department have been looking for in just one damn great guy.

Sharp eye

Years of creative work with the the best minds in the industry have provided a unique sense of beauty and proportion and the ability to spot a 1px misalignment in a 200 page document.

Team player

Charismatic and optimistic, always ready to lend a hand in every project, with energy and impetus. Good communicator and very empathic, notably keen to understand and solve peoples problems


Incredibly organised and pristine in his processes, will put in order all the files of your project before you even realise. No more messy working files, all layers named and colored, all files in folders sort by client, project and date.

Fast AF

All this methods plus his expertise and years of experience in the industry confere him with an extra speed boost no other designer can match. Say goodbye to missed deadlines and vague excuses, get your project done in time.

Previous employers

As you already came to realise how good of a deal this is, others did that too in the past! Come in and join them in the Hall of Fame of Top Employers, take pride on hiring one of the most powerful and demanded professionals in the industry and brag about how effective and straightforward your company is to count with such a talent between your lines.

LOLA Mullenlowe

LOLA is the most creative agency in Spain. In 2019 was chosen as the best agency to work and the most awarded Spanish agency of Cannes two years in a row.


Buzz is a digital creative agency with a big focus on innovation and social media content. It is also well known for their work for the NGO Pro Activa Open Arms.


Contrapunto is the most awarded agency in the history of Spanish advertising and one of the most awarded of the last decade in festivals of efficiency and creativity.


Digital Dosis is an award-winning independent digital studio that is rapidly growing and gaining recognition in the industry. Is one of Spain's top 10 studios in Awwwards.


Silver Laus

The Laus Awards are graphic design and visual communication awards given by ADG-FAD from Barcelona to promote design, express its cultural and economic importance for society and support for the professional environment.

Ficomic Top 5

FICOMIC is an entity created by the association of comic book publishers in Spain that since 1989, it is the organizing entity of the International Comic Book Fair of Barcelona. This award is in recognition of the best fanzine published in Spain in 2018.

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