Art Maximo full body pic standing facing camera. He wears numerous devices such as a helmet, backpack, gloves and other tools hanging from his body like a special operations agent. Oveprinted arrows and text explain the functionalities of each tool.

Meet Maximo!

The multi-skilled, high-performing, creative-minded, ultra-methodic, fast-paced product designer you’ve always wanted in your team. 

Get ready for a boost in your digital workflows, say goodbye to your old production problems, praise for your new and perfected creative process and state-of-the art design pipeline. 

It’s so good you’ll never want to let him go!


This is what you came here for, right?


As an all-rounded professional that combines the most advanced know-how in various disciplines you can always count on the best possible outcome. Let him supervise your specialist teams and enjoy the smoothness of the cooperation, ask him for advice in the rollout of your next digital campaign, get new ideas on your next micro-interaction, visualise last months traffic in a stunning animated presentation, you name it!

Being cool 😉
Product Design
Design Systems
Design Management
Motion Graphics
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Every tool has it’s advantages, and in this case you will get plenty! Behold and get ready to be astonished by the unleashed power of a creative mind on full throttle. All the perks you and your HR department have been looking for in just one damn great guy.

Sharp eye

Years of creative work with the the best minds in the industry have provided a unique sense of beauty and proportion and the ability to spot a 1px misalignment in a 200 page document.


Incredibly organised and pristine in his processes, will put in order all the files of your project before you even realise. No more messy working files, all layers named, all files in folders sort by client, project and date.

Team player

Charismatic and optimistic, always ready to lend a hand in every project with energy and impetus. Good communicator and very empathic, notably keen to understand and address incidents.

Fast AF

All this methods plus his expertise and years of experience in the industry confere him with an extra speed boost no other designer can match. Say goodbye to missed deadlines and vague excuses, get your project done in time.


Because what is all this gibberish without any proper recognition, here’s a rundown of some of the most prestigious awards

Data, data, data…

This is all very heartwarming but if you wnat cold, hard numbers, here’s a quick recap of an extensive creative career.

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